Inspiring the next generation of learners.

Our mission is to increase engagement within classrooms by providing memorable, curriculum related experiences outside of them.

About Us

What is the problem we aim to address?

As of 2018, 13.7% of primary school children attending state schools are eligible for free school meals.  In sponsored academies this rises to 21.3%.  According to school leaders, the financial support of pupil premium (PP) has replaced other revenues of funding, with the schools becoming increasingly stretched with its resources.  An Ofsted survey into PP funding found only a third of the revenue was being used to help subsidise educational trips despite the benefits being huge for the children.   M7 Education CIC tackles the problems of funding by providing free school trips to PP children and their classes.  One stumbling block for teachers has been finding the extra time organising these trips.  M7 Education CIC also removes this barrier by organising these trips on behalf of the teachers.  We will also provide lesson plans and ideas for teachers to use based around the educational trip.  This will allow schools to allocate PP funding towards other educational purposes.  Furthermore, it will help teachers to allocate their time into creating thoroughly engaging lessons.


What is different about our approach?

M7 Education CIC provides a holistic approach to the issue of educational experiences.  Not only will the trip be paid for, but the teachers will receive support and documents to minimise the planning needed for each trip.  Lesson ideas will be sent to teachers as well as example lessons for free.  Each experience will be related to the curriculum that the class will be learning either at the time or the term following the trip.  This level of experiential learning has been shown to have great benefits for the children and the approach M7 Education takes in order maximise learning is what separates our approach.

What do we aim to achieve?

The ultimate aim of M7 Education is to create a more level playing field within education.  One educational experience can change a child’s entire perspective and research shows that experiences outside of the classroom are the most likely to have a positive impact.  This could range from getting more girls into STEM from an early age or introducing any child to a world of art that inspires them to delve deeper into the subject.  Funding for PP children is being allocated elsewhere and filling the gap of funding educational school trips is where M7 Education will be.

What do the teachers get out of this?

The teachers of the classes chosen for the experiences will get support from the moment they sign up to the moment they get back from the school trip.  This will include all the planning, risk assessments and letters to parents written.  With minimal time being spent on the administration side of the trip, teachers will have time to plan outstanding lessons based around the experience so that the children can maximise their learning.  Lesson plans and ideas will also be included for teachers to use so that they can really focus on the subject and delivering memorable lessons.