At PlanMySchoolTrip we are passionate about promoting learning outside the classroom and helping schools discover trips, tours and workshops that give the best educational return for students.  We work with public and private sector school trip providers, ranging from museums and science centres, to residential outdoor activity venues.  All the providers we work with are equally keen to help promote curriculum linked learning opportunities to teachers, coordinators, and party leaders.

Being able to discover hundreds of trips and workshops by subject or UK location makes the website a favourite destination for many thousands of school teachers and Educational Visit Coordinators, who search for ideas and inspiration when planning their next school trip.
Key ways in which PlanMySchoolTrip can help teachers make their school trip successful include:  having clear objectives for the subject and topics the trip is to cover and the type of knowledge pupils will bring back to the classroom;  and demonstrating which trips will add educational value to the experience.  By offering a huge choice of UK venues and overseas tours with full details of how each can tailor their experience to the needs of each individual school, we help teachers find visits that will deliver the expected learning outcomes and give maximum benefit for their pupils.

 Most schools will visit the same place year after year.  After all, sticking with the same venue is less work, and who doesn't like less work.  But in the same way it is unwise to auto renew your car insurance or internet provider without shopping around, it pays to take a fresh look.  Visiting the same school trip venue year after year, schools are almost certain to be paying more than they should.  They may be missing out on exciting new learning experiences from providers who may offer an even better learning experience, at a more competitive price.

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